Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 26

I put the brakes on the weight gain and I'm back down to +2 lbs from where I started so I guess I actually lost 2 pounds (not good seeing as I gained 4 in the first 2 weeks). I've done NO exercise this week but I have been eating better for the most part. I'm going to take today to be lazy and do NOTHING!! I've got some catchup to do on my B90X (read the bible in 90 days). Breaking into Joshua and Judges today. I'm praying for Kim to feel better. God is SO GOOD. 
There is a million things to do around the house and I'd love to find the motivation to take care of it all, but my only motivation is to park my carcass in the recliner and rest in true Fat Youth Pastor Form. 

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