Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Something In the Air

No, it's not the feel of Christmas nor the pungent odor of Jeff's flagulence, at least not yet. It's more than that. In SC, the weather is hot and rainy. Days are shorter and things aren't as joyous as you'd expect. It reeks havoc on those who deal with mental illness. So many factors play into mental health and for the majority, overcoming circumstances that aren't "pleasant" may be tough but do-able. For many others, that just isn't the case. I've been told that brain chemicals have a lot to do with one's mental state and at times, the misfiring of electric impulses sends mixed signals to the pleasure and problem solving centers of the brain. Sounds reasonable. Instead of joy, one feels loneliness, instead of unconditional love, one feels a need to perform up to self inspired standards of performance. It heightens a sensation from over achieving and euphoria to deep depression. Where is this coming from? I have a wife who suffers from Bipolar disorder. After many doctors and medication, we've come to a semi-normal (if there really is such a thing) state that enables her to enjoy a fairly good quality of life. Weather and time changes play a big part in her mental well being and I seem to see more and more depression in people I care about. Right now, My wife is doing ok, but many others are not. We're not talking about "just snap out of it" or "have more faith" or "You're too blessed to be depressed." I AIN'T goin' there. This type of mental hardship is only hightened by circumstances, not caused by them. If you happen across this blog and are stuggling with depression, anxiety, or mania, feel free to leave a comment. I've found blogging to be very theraputic to some.


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I just got finished with a scenario game this weekend (Earth Ender scenario, Agate Colorado), and I took my brand spanking new Miltec G3 out and used it most of the weekend. During the weekend, my marker was chopping paint a lot (I broke 6 balls over the course of two days, everyone else I was with had a goose egg for breaks), and by then end of the first day, the bolt was acting sluggish, and my marker would start burping even though I was using a full Co2 tank. By the end of the second day, the trigger wasn't even actuating properly, and would fail to fire the marker unless pulled ALL the way back.

As for chopping the paint, I have no clue what was going on . My marker chronoed at less than field limits, but while I was chronoing, the velocity was all over the place, jumping around anywhere in a 20 fps range. Is that normal? and several times during the game, I felt like my marker was shooting hot, and when I chronoed with a ref, it turned out I was usually right. Any advice to stop the paint chopping? becuase now my marker is hardly even cycling properly, if at all, and I have a feeling the culprit is the broken paint gumming up the reciever and mucking up the O-rings.