Thursday, December 23, 2004

A year ago today I disfigured my face while riding a dirt bike without a helmet. It made for really gross Christmas pictures. I just got a call from Michael to go ride today. I reminded him of the accident exactly 1 year ago and he said we all need to stay off the bikes today. BUT, if I get all my work done by lunch time and it stops raining, I AM THERE. I'll wear a helmet this time. I just signed up for an accident policy with AFLAC. Greg Bradley told me last year I needed one and I put it off. After the facial thing, a broke leg and Kim's mishap in KMart, we could have racked up some dough, but NOOOOOOO, I was too cheap. Not any more. For a few measley $'s, I can get hurt and make some $. Bad thing is it doesn't start til Jan. 1, and I am going skiing Dec. 27. Can't get hurt till next year. At least all the deductibles are paid this year. Today, I'm not prettier, but I got this cool gotee to cover the scar on my lip. Ain't I purdee Posted by Hello

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