Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A First

A first. I saw a little boy in the post office yesterday with the knee's torn and worn out of his jeans. I can't remember the last time I saw that. It's unusual because I don't think kids play outside anymore. I remember the big iron on patches my mom's would use to cover our holey knees. I use to try and wear them out just for the patches. Knees were great, but don't dare wear a hole in the seat. You DID NOT want a patch on the left cheek. Big fashion NO-NO. My attire as a kid: Rustler or Wrangler jeans, t-shirt, trax tennis shoes, ball cap with the mesh and big rope over the bill (Actually back in style). Later in the 80's people were wearing acid wash, stone wash, and pre-cut jeans. Come on. It's more fun to wear them out yourself instead of paying someone $50 extra to artificially wear them out. Next came the pre-worn-out over-alls. You only connected 1 strap. Remember? Maybe that was the 90's. Those were Arsenio Days. Today, you pay $50 for a tshirt that's 2 small. Pre-worn, pre-shrunk, made by some kid in cambodia making 3 cents a day and making someone ALOT of $. A&F, AE, Gap, so on and so forth. We use to actually buy cheap clothes, wear them out, and throw them away. Who'da thunk it. We could have bought cheap, worn out, and sold for a killin. Can you tell this is a random thought blog peiced together while attempting to multi-task. Not good for an adult ADDer. L8r.

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