Wednesday, September 21, 2005

B-52 Bomber

A B-52 Bomber has been recovered from the bottom of Lake Murray outside of Columbia, SC. It crashed during a WWII training flight. Traffic has been heavy since they started bringing it to shore as people stop to take a look, but I don't see many complaining. A piece of history. The pilots of the planes bailed before crashing. I've lived near this lake almost all my life. It was one the made back in the 20's to bring power to Columbia. They routed the river into a huge valley and dammed it all in (kind of like they did on the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou.") I've heard about all the houses, cars, churches and graveyards at the bottom. The stories abouth the 300 lb catfish use to scare me. I'd love to see what else is down there.


Anonymous said...

That's not a B-52. B-52s were made in 1952. After WWII.

Anonymous said...

It's A B-25 Mitchell 2 engine medium WW2 bomber.